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Elements. An exclusive and new line of rugs, designed by Kranen/Gille and the product developers of Monasch. In essence this collection refers to the classic Greek concept, in which all is composed of four vital elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Each rug is based on a delicate but explicit colour palette in which a hue predominates, supplemented with derived colours or contrasting hues. A stylish Dutch design collection that translates “water” as “Poolside Gossip, converts “earth” into Night on Earth, forges “fire” into Stretched Heat and transforms “air” to Air on Strings. 


Imagine looking down on earth from a great distance when the sun has set. What will you see? Colourful flairs of light might indicate an urban settlement. Maybe rays or beams of light are travelling in high speed as if they are in a state of static motion. After all, it is night time. But even in its darkness, the night on earth is as vibrant as life itself. Intangible yet clear, structured yet chaotic and above all: attracting. This rug will never fail to capture your admiration.


If the great impressionists could paint in wool, this is how they probably would express their concept of water. And that is more or less how this rug is designed. It is however not the composition that adds the captivating effect of Poolside Gossip. Innovative techniques were used to create the sense of depth this rug clearly radiates. So whenever you are near a pool in the company of people, bring to mind the story of this rug. Small talking will never be a big deal again.


How do you make a rug look hot? Off course, the name Stretched Heat helps, but that is just a description of what this warm-blooded beauty promises. This particular rug embodies layered experience in red, yellow and other seductive hues. A heated composition that might set fire to the idea that it is inspired by lava or flaming charcoal. Well, to be honest… that were the inspirational sources indeed.


Is it a beautiful sunset or are you enjoying a wonderful sunrise? This wool rug expresses both. Following the famous Dutch Masters, Air on Strings represents an almost mystical state of happiness that colours can evoke. It translates the concept of air in wool like the way a painter interprets in paint. Abstract but at the same time understandable. Colourful and rich in hues this masterpiece looks great in every room you can imagine.