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The wool carpets of Monasch by Best Wool are manufactured in the town of Best, in the Netherlands. Best Wool has been designing and producing wool carpets here since 1982, both for the interior market as well as the project market, and both for the Netherlands and abroad.

Our selection is commonly considered one of the most beautiful wool carpet collections available. In order to meet our high quality standards, we exclusively work with the best wool from New Zealand and Europe. This is completely natural when it comes to colour, comfort, insulation, acoustics and resilience. Highly experienced expert craftsmen turn each carpet into a custom project. With a range of 13 qualities, in different colours, sizes and edge finishing, all Monasch carpets can be tailor-made to the specific desires of the customer. 



Made exclusively of natural components, our wool carpets are healthy by nature. The notion that a wool rug or carpet could be bad for people with (dust) allergies or asthma is a myth. On the contrary, a wool carpet contributes to a healthier living and sleeping environment. Fine, floating particles such as dust and pollen are ‘caught’ by the natural scale structure of the wool, and can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

That leaves the invisible, extremely unhealthy pollution caused by VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds. Nowadays, these compounds can be found in many items of furniture, and are also released by certain paints and (floor) lacquers, traditional carpets and hard, synthetic floors. VOCs are harmful to the liver, kidneys and the central nervous system. Wool neutralises these VOCs, making it more healthy by nature.



The Monasch carpets are fully circular, thanks to the special Niaga backing (Niaga backwards spells again). This flexible polyester backing can be easily separated from the wool carpet with heating, after which both materials can be recycled and reused separately.

Apart from circularity and recycling, eco-friendly and sustainability are key terms when it comes to living. Wool does well in both aspects. It more or less grows on grass, and after shearing, it grows back automatically. On top of that, wool is a natural, hard-wearing fibre that is biodegradable. 



Artisanal techniques and craftsmanship are now being fully appreciated once more – and with good reason. A natural product like wool stands or falls with the craftsmen involved: from shepherds and spinners to our own craftsmen who, with great attention to detail and quality, get the most out of their machines. All Monasch wool carpets are produced in the Netherlands.



Wool carpets are the epitome of comfort. They are incredibly soft and warm. Wool has a luxurious appearance and a long lifespan. On top of that, wool carpets insulate sound and heat, are flame retardant and hypoallergenic. Thanks to the scale structure, wool is dirt and stain repellent, which makes it very easy to clean. Water usually does the job.